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What is Remy Hair

What is Remy hair you ask? Let me break it down for you.

Remy hair is the best quality hair you can get in the business. The name “Remy” does not describe the brand or the name of a company, rather it symbolizes the quality of the hair. They are stronger, healthier and tangle free when you compare it to non-Remy hair.

This pure virgin hair will therefore be more expensive than most. By “pure” and “virgin” we mean that the hair was taken directly from the head of the donor. That is why it always comes in a natural color. It is then gently washed and bundled together in the same direction from root to tip. It may have undergone a safe procedure for texture and colors and can be used for multiple installations.

As it has not been chemically treated – meaning it wasn’t dyed, bleached or permed – the cuticles will be kept intact which makes the hair smooth and soft to the touch. This also means that it will be more resistant to tangling and matting.

 However, you must remember to treat this hair with the same care you would afford your real hair! It also requires hydration and nutrients to thrive.


But How do you know you’re getting Remy hair?

  • For one, it shouldn’t smell like beauty store hair as it should have come straight from the donor’s head with minimal manipulation.
  • Another indicator could be the shininess of the hair. Sometimes, there are many donors and the hair is thrown in a pile which leads to the hair tangling.

When this happens, the hair is washed in acid in order to strip the cuticles. These are then replaced with a silicone base to give the hair a false layer of cuticles that appear to be laying in the same direction. The thing is that after a few washes, the silicone wears off and the hair becomes dry and tangled.

To test the hair you can run your fingers through it. Run your fingers down the hair and then back up, you should meet some resistance. Then you can start looking for breakage or shedding of the hair. If it sheds and breaks from the upper-half, the hair is of bad quality. If you notice breaking or shedding from the bottom, then the hair is good. As you know, your own hair tends to break from the bottom., especially in the dressing and adorning of the hair, became equally complex.

Virgin hair extensions come in 100 grams bundles which we offer in lengths between 14-24 inches. If needed, we can customize bundles up to 32 inch on demand depending on the product. Please contact us for more details. Keep in mind that straight bundles are measured in their natural state whereas curly or wavy hair is measured stretched which means you might want to add 4-6 inches to the measurement. It is up to you and your client to determine the amount of hair needed to achieve the desired look.

Remy Hair Distributor only deals with real human hair. There will be no synthetic hair in our catalogue.
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