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How to Start a Hair Extension Business From Home

How to Start a Hair Extension Business From Home

Here are the basics of getting starting with your hair brand and hair extensions business. We hope that you will find them useful.

First of all, let’s be honest, it will not be as easy as you think. Everyone starts their hair extensions business thinking that it will be easy. It will not be, you will have to work at it and be consistent. If you think that all you have to do is open your store and people are just going to show up, it doesn’t happen that way, unfortunately.


First thing not to do: Do not rely on friends and family only to buy from you, you will need to do your homework and advertise, and nowadays the best way to do so is to advertise on social media.

Remember that the Hair Extensions business is a 2-3 months cycle, meaning that Friend A will buy from you only every time she needs the hair which is in 3 months so unless you have a lot of friends and family who buy from you every day you will have to wait every 2-3 months to make a sale and who wants that? We all want to be part of that business to make as many women as possible feel AMAZING!


  • How will you sell your hair extensions?


  • Will it be online, will you be a hair reseller? Do you have your salon?


  • If you do, will you only do hair, or will also offer Hair extensions at the salon so clients can buy?


IF you plan on starting your hair brand online the first thing you will need to do is

  • Make sure that the domain name you will be using is available


  • Same for your social media, make sure it is available on the social media platform you will be using (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc)


  • Stay consistent with your name, meaning use the same name on your website, IG.. all have to be the same. i.e: if your name is thebesthairbella, don’t use HairbyJoce on IG or Pinterest


  •  Which platform will you be using for your website? Wix, Shopify, WordPress?


  • Which payment gateway will you be using online and /or in-store?


  • How will you be advertising, and where will you be advertising?


  • Who is your target market? Meaning who do you want to sell to? The wife that stays home, the college student?  The middle-aged women? Who is your ideal customer? You will need to study that too.


  • What will your logo look like? The colors, the style, the fonts


  • Same for your business card, what will it look like?

Don’t get stuck with all the bells and whistles for your website, just make sure it looks professional and user-friendly. Remember that you will always get a chance to upgrade to versions 2, and 3 with time. The point is to start so you need to focus on that. If you did not know, we can help you to build your website, and make your logo and business card.


You should always have your business cards on you and ready to shoot one out to any woman wearing hair extensions! Business cards are handed out in person which is a fantastic way to give someone information about your business.

If you don’t have a website yet you can start by delivering the hair to your clients.

One of the most important things you need to understand about selling online is:

Most websites only convert 3% of their visitors, so for every 100 visitors, 99 won’t be buying the same day so you will need to have money aside for Marketing also and not only the web design.

We hope that those small little tips have helped you today. Have a wonderful week and please remember that we are available for any questions you may have by email at

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