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  • Product 4X4 & 5X5 Lace Closure 
  • Length:   10-22″ inches
  • Lace: French & Swiss Lace (HD)
  • Weight:  35 grams
  • Parting: Free Part
  • Texture:  Straight
  • Density: 130%
  • Color:   Rich Natural Color
  • Hair:   100% Virgin Remy Hair
  • Hair Origin:  China
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French Lace
HD Lace

People nowadays only talk about wigs, but the closures and the bundle still exist and are very much in demand. If you want to work with a hair vendor you can trust, get in touch with us. We are an HD Lace Closure Wholesale located in Canada. We have over nine years of experience in the Virgin Hair industry and know everything there is to know about it. First, let’s discuss the difference between HD Lace and French Lace.


There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to this, and we always get that same question: How many different types of Lace are there? There are so many names; we feel like there are more names for it than actual Lace on the market. Let’s go to the basics.


There are only two types of Lace. French Lace and Swiss Lace, also called HD Lace now, and there is the other cheap Lace you will find at your beauty supply store where Lace is just horrible. That Lace is scratchy; it’s itchy it makes your scalp feel very bad. We don’t think you want to sell that to your clients because you won’t be hearing from them again.


The first type is the French Lace, the more durable Lace. It is the original Lace that most wigs are made of just because it’s not very undetectable. French Lace does not mean it’s not good. It’s just a more robust, durable lace. Before everyone knew about the HD lace, people were rocking French Lace, and nobody knew that they were wearing a wig until people started talking about it.


Understand that just because this French Lace does not mean it’s not undetectable to the person who doesn’t know anything about wigs; only to people who do know about wigs, it’s most detectable. The second Lace is Swiss Lace. This is also called HD lace, but the original name is Swiss Lace. Swiss Lace is supposed to be the most undetectable Lace. However, some people believe that it does not last long. It is not that it doesn’t last; it is just because the Lace is so thin that it is very fragile; it can rip very quickly and has to be handled with lots of care. You will need to inform your client about that.


Many of you think that because it is HD Lace, it will be transparent, but that is not the case; you can find HD laces that are brown but here at Remy Hair Distributor, we only sell Transparent Lace. What is transparent Lace? Transparent represents the color of the Lace, not the Lace that has been used. It’s more so of the color of the Lace rather than the visibility of the Lace.


Please understand that Swiss lace tends to be more undetectable, and French Lace, which is the original Lace tends to be a little more visible, even if the lace color is transparent.


Remy Hair Distributor offers Transparent French Lace 4X4 and 5X5 Closures and HD 4X4 or 5X5 Lace. Our Lace is thin & pre-plucked. It’s not bulky, and the hair is soft and silky. Our Lace

closures are free to part, so you can part your hair anywhere you want. The knots can be bleached.



HD Lace Closure Wholesale Canada Hair FEATURES:

  • 100% Virgin Remy Hair
  • Sourced & manufactured in China



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4×4, 5×5


10inch, 12inch, 14inch, 16inch, 18inch, 20inch, 22inch


French Lace, HD Lace

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Hair Origin
We source our Remy Hair Extensions directly from the source, we deal with manufacturers located in China.

Chinesse Hair is from our Manufacturer located in China